BGA World Championship

We are pleased to announce the first ever BGA World Championship. The tournament will consist of 32 teams from three regions (US/Canada, Latinamerica and Europe). The event will take place sometime in November. We will be hosting the event in both PS4 and Xbox with a cash prize of $2,500 for each console.

This tournament marks the beginning of a new era for BGA which was mostly known as a Latino gaming community. We realized that we had a lot to offer to the NBA 2K community and decided to start expansion to other markets. With an expansion to the US/Canada and Europe market we see an opportunity to solidify our presence in the 2K gaming community.

The rules and overall structure of the BGA World Championship Tournament will be announce once NBA 2K19 comes out. We look forward to having the best teams compete in our event. Keep an eye on our social media for more announcements.


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