BGA Team Up Tournament

Tournament Rules and Sign Up
  1. We will be using NBA 2K19 All Time Teams for this tournament.
  2. All teams that sign up will enter a lottery to determine an order to pick there teams.
  3. Once you select your team that will be team you will be using during the duration of the tournament.
  4. All teams can be selected twice.
  5. Once all team sign up we will release the official tournament bracket.
  6. Teams will play a series of 3-2 each round until a champion is crowned.
  7. All series will have a 2 day deadline to complete them.
  8. Each team will submit psn id or gamertag for each member of there team. They will be locked into the team roster. No roster changes are allowed once the tournament starts.
  9. All teams can have up to 6 players..
  10. All communications for this tournament will be on Discord App. You will get invite once all sign up requirements are completed.
  11. Tournament winner will recieved $500. Runner up $140.
  12. Teams must submit a scoreboard screenshot of the game in order to get credit for win. All screenshots need to be taken from the console, no cellphone picture will be allowed.
  13. There will be no refunds once you sign up.

If you wish to sign up click here

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