BGA Expansion

Basketball Gaming Association was founded as a latino gaming community. We became the first Latino NBA 2K Pro Am and My Park Leagues in the world. As well we had over 24 seasons of NBA 2K My League online, multiple events during the past 5 years and most importantly we game the latino gaming community a top of the line community.  Back in the day when we decided to start our journey in the gaming world we had no idea how big BGA could become. Today we realize all the potential our we have in our hands from this project that started a little competition between friends.

With the release of the next series of basketball video games it also marks the beginning of new era for BGA. We are working on expansion to other gaming markets. This will help grow our brand even more and also it will help with our long term goal that is to become a leader in the gaming industry.

The BGA staff is super excited for this new project that we hope every single one of you will enjoy!

In September 2018 your path to becoming a Legend starts here in BGA!

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