About Us

Basketball Gaming Association

It all started as a competition between friends back in mid 2011 without knowing the potential we had in our hands. Four friends competing against each other then became a 30 player league, next thing we know we have over 2,000 players and continue growing. Founded in 2011 Basketball Gaming Association (BGA) started as a one game mode league that eventually expanded to different game modes and gaming platforms to be able to provide what the community wanted. As we move forward trying to expand to other markets and attract players worldwide we go by our main core value to always listen to the community.

Mission Statement

At BGA we are Gamers just like you. We are dedicated to the growth and development of the gaming culture and community all over the world. We aim to accomplish this offering an innovating gaming experience to our members. Our intention being that all of us in esports are equal, thus bringing us together as a driven, passionate community to help the esports industry thrive.

What We Offer

BGA is a provider of multi-platforms tournaments, events and leagues for basketball video games to players from all over the world. Offering both free entry and paid entry options in our platform our members get the opportunity to put their skills to the test against the best of the best.

3 Regions and Expanding